"Amber’s prenatal yoga class is wonderful!
I have always been a dancer but never too good at yoga. I have found Amber’s class to be a perfect mix of differentiated rhythmic positions which leave me and my baby feeling amazing! She is quick to show alternative poses and is very attuned to her students and how they are feeling. I would highly recommend the class to any future momma."


"Ambers prenatal yoga class was so great!! I left feeling revived both physically and mentally! I look forward to more fantastic classes with her! I am also so excited to have her do my placenta encapsulation when my new baby is born! I'm grateful to know and learn from her as she has so much patience and knowledge as a woman and mother!"


"Prenatal yoga was such as asset throughout my pregnancy and I believe contributed to my super fast recovery. Amber's classes perfectly combined gentle stretching, poses for strength, and the most wonderful and restorative shavasana. I also loved drawing on her experience as a mama and doula to check in each week."

~Katie L.

"I have taken the prenatal yoga class at the River Guild with Amber multiple times. I first felt the genuine naturalness of her and how comfortable she can make anyone feel. Yoga is extremely personal and mental. Her voice takes you to the place you want to go. She offers modified poses for those of us who are wicked pregnant and need them, with total nonchalance. Each person who attends the class gets individualized attention. As far as how my body reacts, the poses help relax me but also challenge me in ways I had thought impossible at this point in pregnancy. I thoroughly enjoy these classes, and the free pregnancy circle Amber also facilitates afterwards. Highly recommended."


"Come to the River Guild's pregnancy circle! Amber leads an informal, engaging hour of chatting. As a first time mom I have loved sitting round and listening to tips and stories from other moms. No topic is off the table, we cover everything from postpartum, to teething, to co-sleeping and more. It's a wonderful experience. Thanks Amber!"

~Kate M.