You're Pregnant! Congratulations! 

Once you find out you are pregnant a lot of questions pop into your mind. It is of benefit to you and your baby to put your health- emotionally and physically- at the top of the list. There are a few ways you can do this:

Prenatal Yoga- Yoga is an amazing way to implement the mind and body connection. In my class you get the benefit of doing poses that are safe for you and baby as well as offering fetal optimizing positions. You work on breath which is super important that carries through to labor. And you are able to take time for you, time to connect with your baby, and time to destress.

Reiki- Is an energy healing where I act as a conduit to help restore a good energy flow.   Reiki goes where it is needed, but for pregnancy I explore where the energy feels blocked, or out of balance, and focus on restoring a proper flow to those areas. In addition, it also helps bring back balance of your emotions and aids in mental clarity. It can also aide in energy especially during the first and third trimester.

Birth Doula- A doula is a hired birth professional who offers emotional and physical support to the mother and her partner during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I am there to support the birth you want in various ways. I am apart of you pregnancy journey and will aide in education, pain relief, support to help you advocate for yourself, individual and continual care, sympathy, and respect. Contact me for a FREE consult today!