The birth of your baby is the rite of passage into postpartum and the 4th trimester. The first few days are absolute bliss as you get to know your baby hearthside. But it so often can soon feel overwhelming and uncomfortable. We used to be taken care of by a tribe of women to help in this new adjustment into motherhood. I offer a few services that help make this transition smooth.

New Mom Yoga- Yoga can help you slowly ease back into activity and exercise. Birth definitely takes a toll on your body. New mom yoga class is a slow, gentle flow yoga aimed to stretch and heal the mind and body getting you back to feeling like yourself.

Reiki- Reiki is energy healing, where I act as a conduit to help restore a good energy flow. Reiki goes where it is needed, but for postpartum I explore where the energy feels blocked, or out of balance, and focus on restoring a proper flow to those areas. Reiki can be used throughout the healing of postpartum. Can help with physical soreness and even emotional if birth was traumatic. In addition it provides emotional and mental balance which will nurture her into knowing this will all work out.

Postpartum Doula- A postpartum doula is a hired professional who is there to help you in those first few trying months. It can be hard to adjust or transition into this new phase. I am able to help take care of older children, meal plan and prep, help with babe while you shower or nap, chores and errands. It allows you to lay low, focus on you and your babe while I help take care of the nitty gritty!

Placenta Encapsulation- Placenta encapsulation is the act of turning your placenta into a powder, placing it in capsules and ingesting it for postpartum healing. I prepare the placenta the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) way. It offers a warming toning effect to the woman postpartum. With TCM I steam, dehydrate, grind, and encapsulate. You take it postpartum for a slew of benefits!

  • increase milk supply
  • increase energy
  • balance hormones
  • speed up recovery time
  • replenish depleted iron
  • assist uterus in contracting back to pre-pregnancy size
  • reduces postpartum bleeding

My placenta encapsulation packages includes placenta capsules, tincture, cord keepsake, and placenta print!

Breastfeeding Support- As a mother who has breastfed both her babies I have come across and overcome many problems. It is something that is supposed to be so natural but there often can be a few bumps along the way. I offer education, previous experience, and empathy to every woman who needs breastfeeding support. I am on call 24/7 for any questions or help. Check back in the near future as I finish some breastfeeding education and certifications!