Once you decide to have a baby it is often met with intense excitement as well as nerves. At times, this process can happen very quickly for some, feel like forever, or even be a battle. I offer services and workshops to help you relax, find inner strength, and trust in your body that you will and can get pregnant.

Fertility Yoga- This class is focused on enhancing your fertility. Yoga can help enhance your fertility in a few ways. The poses and breath can lower stress, help detoxify, increase circulation, strengthen immune system and helps keep ovaries healthy.

Reiki- Reiki is energy healing, where I act as a conduit to help restore a good energy flow. Reiki goes where it is needed, but for fertility I explore where the energy feels blocked, or out of balance, and focus on restoring a proper flow to those areas. Reiki can be used throughout the woman's cycle with the intention to support proper follicle development, healthy eggs, and eventually fertilization. In addition it provides emotional and mental balance which will nurture her into knowing this will all work out.

Meditation- I will use guided meditations as well as mantras and affirmations that will assist you to stop, be present, and allow the mind-body connection to happen. It gives you time to melt stress away, enrich blood with oxygen, revive cells, releases tension and toxins which all aid to increase fertility.

Possible add ons- In addition to the above I may be called to use other forms to help boost your fertility:

  • healing crystals
  • journaling
  • aromatherapy
  • mother/goddess oracle cards
  • affirmations/intentions
  • warm castor oil compress
  • detoxifying foot bath 
  • herbal tea
  • self care resources