Classes, Groups, and Workshops!

Class and Group-
Prenatal and New Mom Yoga
Tuesday Nights come join me and some amazing mama's in some conversation, meditation, gentle yoga flow, and savasana!

following right after:
Tea and Tuesday Trimester Talk
Wind down with a hot cup of tea and join us for a pregnancy circle! A chance to chat about anything going on during your pregnancy. Woes, concerns, congratulations, joys, bring it all and join the community!

At The River Guild
254 N. State St.
Concord, NH 03301

Private/ Small Group Workshops:

Date: TBA
Reiki I- In this 3 hour private you will learn about the History of reiki, journaling, meditation, attunement to Reiki I, and a give and receive of a treatment.

Reiki II- In this 3 hour private you will learn the 3 reiki symbols, journaling, meditation, attunement to Reiki II, and a give and receive of a treatment.

Boosting your Fertility- Whether you are actively trying or know you will be in the future this workshop is for you! Join us in some guided meditation, journaling, reiki, affirmation and intention writing, yoga class with a focus on fertility, tea, foot soaks, castor oil packs and more. Leave feeling calm, rejuvenated, and a love for your body!

Birth Plan Prep- Having a baby comes with a lot of questions and concerns. Meet with me for a one-on-one session to go over scenarios that come up in labor and delivery. know your options. become educated in evidence based research. go through a mock with plan so you go into labor feeling empowered and educated to do what is best for you and your family.

Labor Comfort Measures-This workshop helps you and your birth partner go over different techniques and comfort measures for different stages of your labor. This includes massage, rebozo, and hip squeezes, positions, and birth ball work to name a few. This session helps you both feel confident in being able to support and manage your birth the way you would like.

*As always, contact me for any private reiki or prenatal yoga sessions*