Womben Supporting Womben

An update is long overdue here for Lunar Cycle. A little over two weeks ago I started teaching at The River Guild in Concord. This place, this community, it feels like home. I teach prenatal/ new mom yoga there. It is usually a small intimate class anywhere from 2-7 women and it feels so amazing to be around them and their energy. Something I look forward to Tuesday nights. 

The class is gentle, an easy flow focusing on self care, self love, breathing, connection between mom and baby, and support and empowerment of women. Following the class we have a pregnancy support circle that is quickly picking up in popularity. We talk babies, in laws, baby gear, aches and pains, hardships, joys, excitement, and worries, just to name a few, I being the only non pregnant one there feel SO full after those few hours. Being around that energy, the love, the support it vibrates me to my core. It is here; I know I am where I am supposed to be. Around these woman, helping, supporting, holding the space for all to feel welcome and all to feel special.

I believe this all hits my heart so dear because as a new mom I never understood how important it would be BEFORE baby to find people. People to lift me up when I doubted myself, women to message when I couldn’t get the baby to latch, someone to laugh with about the absurdity of toddlerism. I went into it naive thinking I could do ALL the things. I can’t no one can and that is why finding those people are so important. They get it. They do not judge when there are flies circling your dirty dishes, or when they visit you have to move a mountain of clean unfolded but now wrinkly clothes in order for them to sit. So I made sure when pregnant with baby two I did it differently. I cut myself some slack, found people who made me feel like I was enough and that I was doing enough. And  that led to creating Lunar Cycle. I can only hope I can give back what was gifted to me- love and compassion.  I hope to show these beautiful new moms it is all okay. You are doing all the right things. You are enough. You are a damn good mom way before the baby even comes earth side. I hope I can help show them their own light. Start rebuilding these tribes of women. Stop shaming and start holding out a hand of help. That is my goal, what I hope to gift to this world;a little more love and light.