I wanted to Share...

I wrote an article a couple months ago that was published on Elephant Journal. I feel as though it relates with my business in a few ways and I wanted to share with you all.

First my love of moons. I have always been drawn to moons. The phases and the way they affect people. The fact that the moon is vast, beautiful, and mysterious. It is all so captivating.

Secondly, in the article, I showcase the symbolic relationship to the phases that we as women, or more specific, mothers, go through and how it is similar to the phases of the moon.

Thirdly, my first hand experience feeling the loneliness that motherhood can bring. It is often a taboo, or even shameful subject but it shouldn't be. This feeling also helped bring to life Lunar Cycle as a means to help women who feel lonely, who need an extra set of hands, who need a laugh, or a hug. That it does take a village and that I would be honored to be apart of that. That community is important and we do not have to, or should do this alone!

So please enjoy!