Our First Expo!

I have been manifesting this business for awhile now. I had the goal of a June start date as that is when I would have officially been done my Yoga Teacher Training. That being said I had been doing a lot of journaling and affirmations about my business and when an opportunity knocks you have to give the visitor a listen. 

I had been asked to write a few blog posts for the NH Mama & Baby Expo. I have been working with the founder off and on for a few years and she has been a huge inspiration for me. She gave me that push I needed to ignore the fear and jump into the possibilities. That being said I only had a few days to bring this baby to life and get all my ducks in a row for the expo that is THIS Sunday. It has been a long few days!

I am nervous and excited to be a part of this Expo. It is a great chance to gain experience and comfort and meet tons of AWESOME mamas! Whatever is supposed to happen will happen and it will all unfold perfectly as it is supposed to. I am surrendering and letting go of expectations. Here is to the birth of Lunar Cycle and cheers to the endless possibilities!


Take a look at what the NH Mama & Baby Expo has to offer: