My name is Amber St. Pierre I am a mother of two boys in Weare, NH. My journey into a natural holistic lifestyle started the moment my pregnancy was confirmed with my first son. I knew at that moment I wanted to do everything I could do give him the best start! My passion of birth and pregnancy only grew as I incorporated new information and education throughout both pregnancies and motherhood.

Reiki and yoga were great tools for me when I was pregnant, not only for comfort but spiritually and as a wonderful means to connecting with my baby. I look to reiki and yoga as tools I utilize every day throughout all the phases of motherhood. It keeps me present, grounded, and patient on and off the mat. 

Seeing the benefits of reiki and yoga and my passion for pregnancy and birth it seemed natural to dive into doula training and placenta encapsulation. It was the perfect opportunity to integrate all I had to offer to soon-to-be or new moms. All of this helped me manifest and give birth to Lunar Cycle. The name is something I feel deeply attached too, because as mothers, we too go through phases much like the moon. 

Lunar Cycle is a way for me to help establish a connection with moms in my community. Guide them to find their inner strength and power during such an amazing time in their life. To show them to trust their body and mind connection. And be their biggest supporter pre and postnatal. Being a part of their journey is the greatest gift of all.